Infrastructure Development

Air Cargo Handling Systems
Specifically designed for the efficient Storage and Retrieval of ULDs and Air Cargo Pallets. The ETV functions are to store all types of ULDs and Pallets on multiple levels using friction driven or motorised roller decks with a capacity of up to 14,000 kg.

The storage, transfer, sorting and retrieval of cargo between the warehouse and the airside is fully automated with interfaces to the airline and WMS.

All vehicle movements are guided by the Inventory Control System with a possibility of operator override manual mode. The ETV is built on a central rail system between the high-bay storage aisles, with a lifting platform designed for 10, 15 and 20ft powered roller decks with an operator cabin.

Conveyors and portals

Conveyor measures and captures the level, the volume, the appearance and the weight of the cargo in a continuous process. It can be installed in flush-mounted chain systems in which trucks are used for transportation. This is a flexible and modular concept with flexibility that allows easy installation in new and existing plants. The identification of the parcels can be measured via automatic or manual barcode reading on transponders (RFID) or via a direct connection to the material flow control of the conveyor system.

Lowerable workstation

This workstation enables efficient build-up and breakdown of ULDs. The handling capability is 10, 15, or 20ft ULDs.

The workstations will be installed in the breakdown area. The workstations are placed in a way to optimise the access with the vehicles. The workstations will be controlled via control panel located within the top cover of the lateral pit.

The workstation consists of 10ft Roller-Decks built on a scissors lift (2x10ft roller decks for 20ft WS). The workstation has reinforced bearings and rollers with a thickness of the wall of 4 mm. The transport of the load, with its various dimensions, weight and load conditions, is carried out such that the movement of the load is shock free and without damage.

The main components of the workstation are:

Lifting Unit with Scissors lift and Hydraulic Power Pack
Driven Roller Deck
Weighing unit

The workstation shall be equipped with a weighing scale registering the load on the platform with an accuracy of +/- 5kg and displaying it on a suitably mounted display with a single digit not being smaller than 100 mm. In addition, the weighing scale control unit shall allow having information keyed-in, like authorization code for tag printing etc. Printer needs to be provided as well.

Stationary Workstation

For an efficient build-up and breakdown of main deck Pallets catering for Pallets and ULDs which are stored on warehouse slave pallets.Workstations are designed for drive-over handling in order to optimise the vehicles’ access and are controlled via foot-control panel located on the floor.

Workstations are designed for drive-over handling in order to optimise the vehicles’ access and are controlled via foot-control panel located on the floor. The Donkey/Slave Pallet operation ensure safety and optimal floor space utilisation.

Truck Docks

The truck dock is consists of roller decks integrated with a tandem hydraulic scissors lift mounted on a rail vehicle. This allows unloading of vehicles / trucks of different heights at different loading positions.

The MTD is capable of transferring the following container combinations:

2 x 10ft
1 x 10ft +1 x 5ft
1 x 15ft wing
1 x 20ft
2 x 5ft

The truck dock incorporates a weighing facility in the form of a scale and a display being located in the operators’ cabin. The scale is designed and calibrated on hand-over.

The Truck Dock area can be connected to the warehouse system via different solutions.

ULD and Goods’ Lift

Pallet Hoists are designed to utilize the available vertical space in the warehouse with no additional requirements of civil works. By installing the lifts, we create an additional work or storage level which leads to maximum utilization of the warehouse space. The flexible and versatile design ensures a user friendly interface between the different warehouse levels at various lifting capacity.
Express Handling Systems
Ball, castor, Gravity and Roller Decks

Designed to manually and safely transfer the cargo pallets and ULDs in omni-directions within the warehouse by interfacing with different cargo handling equipment. The modular design depends on the customers’ requirements and is usually manufactured in modules for ease of transportation, installation and expansion/relocation, if necessary. The decks are usually equipped with accessories such as built-in weighing scales, ram protections, volume measuring devices and other various options.

The conveying of ULDs within the warehouse or to the ramp, the heavy duty Roller Decks are built of height adjustable legs to support a conveying height of 208/508 mm. The roller decks can be motor or gravity operating for the staging of cargo with different dimensions ranging from 5 to 20ft and a capacity of up to 1,400 kg.

ULD Pallet Mover

The flexible Pallet Master “Donkey” is a concept which comprises a ULD moving unit and its Slave Pallets and offers a conveying height 508 mm. The ULD or air cargo load is placed on a Slave Pallet either for purposes of build-up or break -down, or for cargo transportation purposes. When transportation of the air cargo is necessary the Slave Pallet containing the cargo is moved by the Donkey which consists of a battery driven vehicle equipped with specially designed forks for carrying the Slave Pallets.

This allows the user to move heavy goods around the warehouse safely on the Slave Pallets (app. dim 3350 x 2620 mm) and most significantly will give them the ability to fully control their ULD operations. This model quoted is a ride-on version.

The Donkey and Slave Pallets are designed such that the forks of the moving unit will be inserted underneath the Slave Pallet; Slave Pallets are easily stackable for storage purposes

The Donkey has three forks for stability and heavy duty carrying capacity
The Donkey can turn on one point therefore using the minimum turning radius possible with and without a Slave Pallet load
The Donkey has forward and reverse travel controls, and it has relatively high speed capability
The Donkey has a load capacity of 7.5 tons (6.8 tons plus weight of Slave Pallet)
The Donkey does not have a weighing unit or digital indicator on-board as according to our experience, the calibration of this unit will be an issue and a huge recurrence. The pallet can be weighed in another location and the Donkey will be used only as a mean of transportation.

This concept enables the user to do the build-up / break-down of ULD on the pallets smoothly and efficiently and minimizes damage to the ULD and goods. The moving unit is battery operated and contains indication of the battery charge status

Heavy duty Belt conveyors and Roller curve conveyors

The major use of belt conveyors is for heavy duty conveying applications. They are particularly suitable for the transport of packed and unpacked unit loads of a variety of shapes and sizes. Long life and high reliability as well as smooth running at a low noise level allows the successful handling of loads in materials flow applications.

Slave pallet

The Slave Pallet is used is Air Cargo preparation to transport, loading and unloading of ULDs.

The usage of the Slave Pallets is very versatile. It can be used as a mobile Workstation for build-up and break down of ULDs and Cargo Pallets and as a Storage media (single or staged). Staging pallets is very useful where several Slave Pallets enable the quick load and unload of a truck or the fast receipt and dispatch of ULDs to/from the ULD system.

When not in use, the Slave Pallets are easily stackable for storage to save floor space.

The Slave Pallets are designed for heavy loads with heavy duty rollers for transportation of up to 6.8 tons of cargo. The advantage of the Slave Pallet is the mobility and the flexibility of the overall system. The operator is free to combine the components for an economic configuration, as required in special situations.
Fully Automated Car Park Systems
The system allows a customer to give the maximum number of car park spaces in a given area. The automation in the system requires very less tolerances between cars during the storage and retrieval process. A typical conventional parking space requires more car park space in order to avoid accidents while the automation generally needs about 50% less space and allows the client to save space and related costs.

These systems have to be designed in the conceptual/design stage of a project and generally requires several rounds of discussions with different parties involved to get the best solution based on operational parameters.


hospitals / hotels / hotel apartments’
commercial buildings
residential buildings
mixed – used development


system requires very small footprint area for every car park space system can be designed with steel frame structure or a concrete structure. safe for user and cars (no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
no costly illumination and ventilation necessary
well adaptable to individual project requirements
different car heights possible, e.g. Vans, SUVs
easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
suitable for residential- and office building, for public parking, car-sharing, car-rent, car-service centres
following the idea of "Green-Parking"
Semi-Automated Systems
Semi-automated car parking systems make use of mechanical lift technology with the requisite additions of electricals and PLC to make the respective car platform move. The system works to store or stack cars from 3 levels high up to a maximum of 6 levels. All parking places can be selected and used independently. Compared to the already existing technology, the column-free construction ensures that vertical supports are only required at every 2 or 3 parking places next to each other


public car park space managed by valet parking management company
car park space for an office building
local municipalities


for different car dimensions and weight of 2.0 t to 2.6 t
freestanding above ground structure
independent parking
high level of operating and functional safety (TÜV / CE certified)
easy operation with transponder chips
system can be designed for different carwidths, lengths and weights

Mechanical Car Park Systems

The MCPS is a mechanical hydraulic system with horizontal platforms and designed for vertical stacking. Each system has the same footprint as one parking space, and could be used in facilities, where space is a premium requirement, such as offices, hotels and residences. The operation is simple by buttons/keys from a panel with easy access and close to the lift.

Mechanical car park systems can be designed with or without a pit, and can be conveniently arranged for indoor or outdoor applications.

Why mechanical car lift (without a pit)?

to double the car park space in a given area.
a simple and modular installation. System could be dismantled and re-installed*
lexibility to propose different platform heights and will be based on the available garage heights
low maintenance costs and proven hydraulic technology.
* - Strictly under ALS supervision to make sure the electricals/mechanical installation are done correctly.


for valet parking in hotels/hotel apartments/offices
for residential villas
Maintenance and after sales support
We offer maintenance and after sales support for all types of air cargo handling and warehouse equipment. We provide 24/7 remote access and hotline for automated systems and associated components.

Air Cargo Handling & Warehouse Equipment such as: ETVs (Elevated Transfer Vehicles), Truck Docks, ULD Handling Equipment/Workstations/Pallets Hoists/Goods Lifts, Belt conveying and sorting systems, Powered Conveyors, Automated volume and weight measuring systems for pallets & ULDs, Stacker Cranes, Castor Decks/Ball Decks/Free Gravity or Motorized Roller Decks, Control Cabinets & PLC

GSE Equipment such as; Aircraft tow tractors, baggage tow tractors, and related components

IT Support for Inspection / Diagnosis / Repair of Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) PLC Control Systems and SCADA Material Handling Control System (MHCS) Software Support

Extended Standby Service & Trouble Shooting through 24/7 Remote Access Service / Hotline for Automated Systems and associated components