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GSSA Service Provider
Since 2010

Our success has been built on being able to tailor our products and services around the requirements of each and every airline. We possess a professional, enthusiastic team who appreciate that our success depends wholly on making our customers successful

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Welcome to Aviation Group

Aviation Group is young and dynamic airline representation company, engaged healthy growth of Passenger and Cargo trade in Bangladesh since 2010.

Aviation Group is able to provide cost effective solutions for developing new market, a range of service including sales, marketing, operations and financial system.

Also offer creative and adaptable strategies in order to effective compete in today’s highly competitive airlines industry by experienced and dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of local market.

Our customers range from major global networks to niche start-ups. Our services have included all aspects of a carrier’s administration, sales & marketing, operational, accounting; ground handling activities.

We also have major accounts in industry related business including, warehousing & logistics, procurement, chartering, outsourcing, travel agency ,due diligence and general consultancy.

Our service structure and philosophy is geared towards a partnership approach with our clients, pursuing rapid flow of market information, resulting in the maintenance of high quality services and quickly identifying revenue generating opportunities.

We focus on solutions and outcomes that meet the needs of all parties involved, including the client airline, freight forwarder, shipper and consignees whilst minimizing costs to the principle.

With the changing global economy we understand the pressures our customers face to deliver a competitive service at a realistic cost. Our aim is to be a pro-active partner who assists you to improve your bottom line by managing your Cargo activities and services efficiently whilst identifying additional revenue streams such as specialized products, charter opportunities or commodity traffic.

We provide products and services that our customers need at :

the Right place
the Right time
the Right price
We offer :

Innovative ideas in context to the Business Practices in Bangladesh